Public art can go beyond the beautification of a space. When stakeholders and area residents unite to collaborate together, we build community pride, shared ownership, and a grounding sense of place.

Interactive landmark installation designed for MoRA ( by public artist Leslie Scott. Inspired by community input, the 16’ disk and surrounding benches will include mosaics made by area volunteers in workshops with the artist. Art@thePoint will be an iconic centerpiece of MoRA's new community gathering spot in Charlotte, NC. Installation: Summer 2017.

With a scalable process honed through more than a decade of collaborations, Leslie Scott leads
community groups of all sizes and abilities in the creation of large-scale public art.

Through collaboration, we build connections across cultural, economic and generational perspectives
and enhance spaces
where people want to belong, relate and return.

The opportunity to create art motivates us to act on curiosities, expand boundaries and challenge limitations in a positive and constructive manner. When given the chance to permanently install art, we are handed the responsibility for how we affect, communicate with, and contribute to our world. 

The benefit of having public art in a space becomes exponential when those who live around that place come together to actively participate in the creation of the art. Community members are given a chance express their voice and make their mark. They take ownership of, responsibility for, and pride in their shared accomplishment.

The most impactful public art is possible when those of differing ages, backgrounds and experiences come together to produce something tangible, long-lasting and grand. Individuals and communities alike are enriched and the impact on collective culture resonates through time. 

Together, we can capture the vibe of a community and make art that reflects lives, concerns, passions
and dreams
. We can contribute in a meaningful way to the experience of a place.



By linking content to grade-level curriculum, and participation to student knowledge and expertise, we add depth and meaning to both process and outcome. In addition to  beautiful new mosaics installed on campus, every youth involved learns valuable practical, collaborative, and leadership skills. Through the process, students develop a keen sense of belonging within their peer groups and to the space. They gain respect for the diversity of talents and abilities that contribute to their shared endeavor.


Corporate, non-profit, civic, social and neighborhood groups participate in each phase of mosaic making: from concept to final installation. Partnerships are encouraged between those of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Everyone has a chance to express their voice and make their mark. The results are a long-lasting connectedness between the art and those who frequent the space day-to-day. The art resonates with the community, creates value for stakeholders, and pride among participants.


Collaboration allows those with a common intent to reflect, share memories, and contribute to the building of a legacy. Through the mosaic making process, participants come together to celebrate and commemorate significant events, to honor lives and accomplishments, and to remember, rebuild, and heal communities that have suffered loss or tragedy. Mosaics are a fitting representation of the literal and figurative bringing together of many disconnected pieces into one cohesive and glorious whole.

Strengthening communities, empowering youth, and nurturing an enduring sense of connection,
through the collaborative process of creating art for public placement.